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Collection of information sources and resources on Palliative and End-of-Life Care

Palliative & End-of-life Care - Keeping up to date

These pages provide an overview on resources for healthcare professionals and researchers who are working, researching or have an interest in Palliative and End-of-life care.                           




Palliative & End-of-Life Care in the news


Ireland's first masters nursing degree in children's palliative care launchedThe Irish News  [online] Mar 15

Donor gives €22,800 to couple raising cash to take sick baby son to US for treatment Irish Independent [online] Mar 11      
What will happen to your Facebook account when you die?The Journal [online] Mar 11      

New 'Rose Room' for Limerick hospital Nenagh Guardian [online] Mar 11

In a Word . . . Euthanasia Irish Times [online] Mar 11 

Patients must agree to DNR before admission Irish Medical Times [online] Mar 9   

Telling parents their baby has an abnormality is never easy Irish Examiner [online] Mar 6      


Doing death differently: today's funerals are not like they used to be – The Guardian [online] Mar 10

I went to a death cafe to learn how to talk to dying patients  – The Guardian [online] Mar 9

Early palliative care benefits children with cancer – Healio [online] Mar 9  

Number of UK deaths likely to fall this year, says funeral provider  – The Guardian  [online] Mar 8 

The incidence of stillbirth hasn't changed in decades. We need to talk about why – The Guardian [online] Mar 7 

Research into palliative care top priority for cancer patients – Medical Express [online] Mar 6  

Recent Research Articles

**Irish Research 

New Articles

**Prioritisation of future research topics in paediatric palliative care in Ireland: a Delphi study

Abstract; This paper reports the findings from a Delphi Study undertaken to identify the research priorities in children's palliative care in Ireland. Palliative care for children is a small and highly specialised field of healthcare that focuses on improving the quality of life of children living with, or dying from, a life-limiting condition. Ideally, support for children requiring palliative care begins at the time of diagnosis, which for many children with life-limiting conditions can be from birth. There is a notable overlap between the needs of children requiring palliative care and those with disabilities and other complex care needs, resulting in care being provided by a range of voluntary and statutory agencies. As a new specialty, there is a need to develop an evidence-based approach to providing children's palliative care. In order to do this in a systematic way, identification of the research priorities in children's palliative care within Ireland is required. 

Understanding the impact of a new public health approach to end-of-life care: a qualitative study of a community led intervention
Abstract; Social isolation is recognised for its substantial impact on mortality, ranking above many established public health threats. The end of life can compound this problem; with escalating acute care costs due to poor social support and rising numbers of deaths, new solutions are needed. Examples of peers providing social support exist within end-of-life care but have not been well characterised. We aimed to understand the impacts and facilitative processes of a home visiting intervention.  

New Guidelines and Standards

New Quality Standard
Care of dying adults in the last days of life
A new quality standard from NICE covering clinical care of adults (over 18 ) who are dying. It covers care  during the last 2 to 3 days of life. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement.

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Definitions and Glossaries

Definitions of Palliative & End-of-life care 

Useful Websites

National Clinical Programme for Palliative Care

This HSE  & Royal College of Physicians joint programme was established in 2010. The palliative care clinical programme aims to improve access to palliative care for all people with life-limiting conditions and their families regardless of care setting or diagnosis. 

British Medical Association - End-of-life care reports 

Reports and results of a project by the British Medical Association to examine public and medical professionals' attitudes about issues related to end-of-life care and physician-assisted dying.  

Cochrane Collaboration - Key resources on end-of-life care

A collation of key evidence and reviews from the Cochrane collaboration on issues related to palliative and end-of-life care  

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