Frequently Asked Questions

A: Your library number is the same number as your lunch number/school ID.

Your Library Card Number provides access to:

  • Self-checkout kiosks

  • Overdrive for ebooks and audiobooks

  • Flipster for digital copies of current magazines

As well as off campus access to databases from

A: Use the URL's below to link these shared printers to your WheelerGmail account. Once you have accepted the printers they're best used with Google Chrome & Google Docs. You can print most files from your MAC or PC by using the PRINT button at

If you have any additional printing questions, please contact the Tech Department.

A: Most of our resources do not need any passwords to access on campus. However, when off campus, a password may be needed. You can find passwords in this document. (You will need to be logged into your wheelergmail account to read this document.)

A: The library does not have any computer chargers available to students.

The library does have iPads and Chromebooks available for Library use and short term loan.

The Tech Department has Chromebooks AND computer chargers available for short term loan.


Food is not allowed in the library.

There is one table on the second floor outside the library where food is welcome. In addition, there are many other places on campus where you can do work while eating.

Drinks in the library are fine as long as the container has a lid.

A: Actually, in general, the library does not acquire textbooks.

We may have a text if it is a novel, play, or other work of creative writing.


If you are looking for a textbook, you may find one with Academic Support or the academic department. Please contact them directly.

A: The Upper School's non-fiction books are located on both floors of the library.*

The collection is organized using the Dewey Decimal System.

Here's a sampling of the type of books you may find in each of the Dewey Decimal categories:

  • 000's - World Records, Bigfoot, Library Science
  • 100's - Witchcraft, Self-help, Freud
  • 200's - Christianity, Taoism, Greek myths
  • 300's - Women, Spies, Politics
  • 400's - Dictionaries, Spelling, Chinese stories
  • 500's - Math, Oceans, Gorillas
  • 600's - Diseases, Cookbooks, Space travel
  • 700's - Art, Art, Music, Sports
  • 800's - Poetry, Plays, Essays
  • 900's - Travel guides, World history, US history

*Graphic Novels and Reference books are housed on the main floor of the library.